Get Involved

Service & Volunteerism: Join a Year-Round PBHA Program

Volunteers participate in service or organizing efforts and interact directly with program clients. Check out the Spring 2013 Blue Sheet and find the program that is the best match for you!

Student Leadership: Direct a PBHA Program

What makes PBHA unique is that each program is directed by a full-time student who oversees the program’s vision, budget, finance, fundraising, volunteer management, community relations, and client recruitment. Program directors get a deeper understanding of the community by engaging with more community partners. Directing a PBHA program is a rewarding and challenging experience. For training opportunities to ready yourself for directorship, check out PBHA’s schedule of trainings on the Public Service Academy website.

Nonprofit Management: Become an Officer of PBHA

As a student-run organization, PBHA’s daily operations and long-term planning are handled by student officers who are elected at the November and December meetings of the directors. Student officers get a crash course in nonprofit management and oversee the entire organization’s finances, fundraising, programming goals, outreach, community relations, special events, and more. Each officer is paired with a PBHA staff person for support and mentorship throughout their officer term.

Summer Employment: PBHA’s Summer Urban Program

PBHA’s Summer Urban Program is a set of 12 student-run summer camps for children in Boston and Cambridge. Each summer, approximately 150 college students work in these communities. Serving over 800 youth, the summer programs are structured into mornings of curricular, classroom-based enrichment and afternoons of field trips in and around Boston. PBHA’s Summer Urban Program hires directors, senior counselors, and junior counselors during the spring to staff their summer programs.

PBHA’s Summer Urban Program Senior Counselor Application Coming Soon

Supporting Students: PBHA’s Full Time Staff

To view a list of current openings at PBHA, visit our employment opportunities page. Being a member of PBHA’s full time staff provides an ideal opportunity to work in a vibrant setting with students committed to social justice to meet community needs.