PBHA will open nominations in Fall 2017.

Timeline for elections:

First Slate – Monday, November 6 at 6pm

Second Slate – Monday, November 13 at 6pm

Officers Info sessions!
Come by and learn more about being an officer and about all the different positions/perspectives. The first session will be held Wednesday, November 1 at 6:30pm.

First slate elections include:
Vice President
Programming Chairs (2)
Resource Development Chairs (2)
Student Development Chair
Summer Urban Program (SUP) Programming Group Officer
Public Relations Officer
Alumni and History Coordinator
Events Fundraiser
NOTE: The remaining 9 Officer positions will be elected at Second Slate Elections

Please contact the PBHA Elections Committee with any questions at elections@pbha.org! Elections Committee is a group of current PBHA Officers charged with preparing, running, and monitoring all aspects of the elections process, made up of: Leszek Krol (chair), Jonathan You, Ellen Zhang, and Karina Buruca.