• Chinatown Big Sibling


    PBHA's Chinatown Big Sibling program establishes one-on-one mentoring relationships between college students and young people living in Chinatown.

  • BRYE Tutoring


    BRYE Tutoring supports recent immigrant and refugee youth in Dorchester through quality instruction and homework help, with a priority on improving English skills.

  • BRYE Teen


    BRYE Teen supports recently immigrated teenagers in Dorchester as they build English skills and learn to navigate a new cultural environment.

  • BRYE 1-2-1


    PBHA's BRYE 1-2-1 is a big sibling program for recent immigrant and refugee youth living in Dorchester.



    CIVICS teaches civics and government classes in schools across Boston to inspire students to take an active role in their communities and grow into participants in our democracy.

  • BRYE Extension


    BRYE Extension works with recent immigrant and refugee youth in Dorchester to build English and reading skills.

  • Chinatown Afterschool


    PBHA's Chinatown Afterschool program promotes academic enrichment for children in Boston’s Chinatown community.

  • Chinatown Teen


    PBHA's Chinatown Teen program connects college mentors with high school students to foster interpersonal relationships and academic responsibility.

  • Girl in Translation


    For Jean Kwok '90, PBHA provided an opportunity to turn childhood challenges into support for young people growing up in Boston's Chinatown.

  • 20 countries, one camp


    The Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment summer camp is helping dozens of immigrant children feel more at home and teaching them ways to succeed — both in school and in life.