David Walker Scholars

PBHA’s David Walker Scholars works with young men in Boston to develop positive life skills and create a sense of black cultural and historical pride.

Application Information:

To enroll in David Walker Scholars, or to learn more about volunteering with the program, email dws@pbha.org.

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Matias Ramos



Members of the Harvard Black Men’s Forum created PBHA’s David Walker Scholars to empower young men in Boston through education and mentorship. The program strives to create a sense of black cultural and historical pride, to provide guidance and leadership in order to prepare young men for a positive and prosperous future, and to break the negative stereotypes of the common black man in America.

David Walker Scholars teaches and mentors young men on black history and life skills including college planning, understanding drug use in the community, and interacting with the police and other figures of authority. Programming extends beyond the classroom and includes field trips and other activities to create and strengthen mentoring relationships.

David Walker Scholars serves the Higginson-Lewis Middle School in Roxbury after school on Mondays and Fridays.



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