Women and Men’s Empowerment and Prison Education Program

PBHA's Women and Men's Empowerment and Prison Education Program provides one-on-one tutoring at MCI Framingham, South Middlesex Correctional Facility, and Boston Community Corrections Center.

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To learn more about volunteering with Women and Men’s Empowerment and Prison Education Program, email wepep@pbha.org.

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Nicole Young



Formed in the 1950s, the PBHA Prisons Committee sought to address the struggles of inmates seeking an education through teaching programs in local prisons and jails. By the early 1970s, student leaders of the Prisons Committee argued that their educational programs were not enough – the Committee needed to address structural problems with the prison system through advocacy and organizing.

Over the next three decades, though it shifted members, locations, and approaches, the Committee continued to offer educational opportunities along with advocacy for structural change. In 2001, this committee formed Harvard Students for Prison Reform to reach a wider audience and invite students from Harvard and beyond to engage in these issues.

Today, PBHA’s Prison Education programs continue to tutor and teach youth, men, and women in local correctional facilities, with its volunteers engaging in prison reform advocacy outside of the classroom, including a collaboration with Harvard’s Institute of Politics to write the first ever report on the use of solitary confinement in Massachusetts. Additionally, the Prison Education program now awards 3-5 scholarships a year to its participants, which can be used to fund classes in continuing education and professional skill development as well as college and post-college degree classes.

Women and Men’s Empowerment and Prison Education Program

WEPEP/MEPEP provides one-on-one tutoring for women at MCI Framingham and South Middlesex Correctional Facility. Student volunteers also tutor and teach weekly one-hour classes at Boston Community Corrections Center, a transitional center for men and women on parole or probation.

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