Jesse Leavitt

Manager of Student Development and Evaluation

Jesse Leavitt has been a part of the Phillips Brooks House for 10 years. He manages the Trainer Corps for over 60 student and alumni-led workshops each year, and connects students to community and development opportunities through Public Service Academy, Reflection Corps, and PBHA’s Reflection Podcast program. Jesse administers PBHA’s database and evaluation, coaches students and staff on inquiry and strategic innovation processes, and manages a Data Team dedicated to improving systems and programming through outcome measurement. Before his time at the Phillips Brooks House, he worked at Leaders through Education, Action and Hope (LEAH) and Citizen Schools. He has has been working in some sense or another in public service and social justice since he was in high school in upstate New York. He loves when innovation meets effective programming for our constituents in Boston and Cambridge, and when everyone is open to learning from each other through formative experiences and reflective community.