Julie Reuben

Faculty Director, Harvard College Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship

Julie A. Reuben is the Charles Warren Professor of the History of American Education and the Faculty Director of the Harvard College Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship. Her teaching and research address broad questions about the purposes of education, the relation between educational institutions and political and social concerns, and the forces that shape educational change. Her book, Making of the Modern University, examines the relation between changing conceptions of knowledge, standards of scholarship, and the position of religion and morality in the American university during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She has published numerous articles on the history of academic freedom, affirmative action, student activism in the 1960s and the history of civics instruction in public schools.  She is currently working two projects: a study of American higher education’s response to the crisis of democracy in the mid-twentieth century and an examination of the social responsibilities of contemporary universities.