Kerry McGowan

Director of Programs

Kerry McGowan is a graduate of Boston College, where he was involved with the PULSE program, a service learning program, volunteering at group home for adolescents and serving on the PULSE council. After college, Kerry joined the Peace Corps, and taught at a high school in northeast Thailand for 2½ years. He later returned to Thailand to provide teacher training in a refugee camp for 2 years. Back in the United States, he worked with a refugee service program in Dorchester and then as a social worker for the Department of Social Services. He also taught ESL to adults for the City of Cambridge. He obtained his Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2002. Kerry currently provides trainings on teaching ESL, the immigration/refugee experience, and adult learning. He works with the programs of Dorchester and Chinatown, the refugee and immigrant programs, ESOL programs, elderly programs, and the prisoner education programs. He finds working with committed, thoughtful student volunteers and leaders inspirational.

Kerry is a 20+ year resident of Dorchester and serves on the Board of Directors for the Vietnamese-American Initiative for Development in Fields Corner.