Natanja Craig Oquendo

Executive Director, Boston Women's Fund

Natanja Craig Oquendo has a deep passion for grassroots organizations and over 20 years of Non-profit experience with the majority of her professional career being spent in the philanthropic sector. Natanja is the Executive Director of the Boston Women’s Fund (BWF).

Prior to BWF, Natanja used her grit, passion and personal life experience to help define and shape the Boston Foundation’s Grassroots Strategy–a unique strategy she built from the ground up. As Vice President of Community Partnerships for The Possible Project, Natanja led outreach efforts to ensure deep engagement with local leaders, families, and organizations. Natanja has also held positions with Fidelity Investments, The Partnership, Inc., and the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.

Natanja believes in a philanthropy which seeks out leaders making positive changes in their communities centering their knowledge, expertise and solutions. At the core of Natanja’s work and beliefs is the concept “do nothing about me without me.” Natanja is committed to working in partnership with the full diversity of our communities particularly *women+ and girls of color (*those who identify as women, nonbinary and/or genderfluid) and the LGBTQIA+ community to build a better future for everyone.

She believes in giving back by sharing her knowledge and expertise to create positive change within the community. She is a Board Member of Harvard’s Phillips Brooks House and is on the Leadership Council of the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School. Natanja also has an active family life with her five children and husband Jason.