Fahedur Fahed ’22

Vice President

Fahed is a junior at Harvard College studying History & Science and Global Health & Health Policy. He first became involved with PBHA as a rising fourth grade camper with the Cambridge Youth Enrichment Program (CYEP). This had a wonderful snowball effect with Fahed participating in the Cambridge Afterschool Program (CASP) and entering the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS) as a sixth grader to bake cookies for the guests as one of his weekly afternoon activities. This then led to Fahed wanting to volunteer at HSHS every Friday night to cook dinner during high school and to volunteer during the summers. Fahed has always been grateful for PBHA, crediting this organization for helping him matriculate at Harvard and inspiring him to come full circle to direct HSHS, CYEP, and CYEP Extension.

As Vice-President, Fahed works with the programs to ensure there is continuity. This is the framework in which we hold ourselves accountable for providing high-quality programming that is just as effective, if not more, as past iterations. He hopes to cultivate a sense of belonging for all of PBHA by grounding programming in communal care and sustained support for our constituency. Ultimately, Fahed strives to continue advocating for our community by using lived experiences as a former participant and relationships with stakeholders to inform every decision PBHA makes as we fulfill our mission statement. We will continue this work together until we live in the ideal world where our services are no longer needed.

Outside of PBHA, and honestly mostly within PBHA meetings, Hazel (Fahed’s kitten) will headbutt him until he plays with her. He will always call her the perfect Zoom cure for forcing him to get off the computer. Although Fahed’s life is mostly consumed by attempting to train the kitten to fetch, he also loves to hike different trails in New England, play basketball and fence with his brothers, thrift to find holy grails, and serve shifts as an EMT.