Alumni Mentoring Program


Be a Mentor with PBHA’s Alumni Mentoring Program!

PBHA is looking for Alumni Mentors for 2018!


The PBHA Alumni Mentoring Program brings together alumni and current undergraduates to learn from each other and grow in their understanding of how they can fight for social justice. Participants in the program are paired based on shared areas of interest, and commit to meeting one-on-one about once a month. The entire mentoring group gets together for group reflection and celebration two to three times a year.

Who can be a mentor?

Any alumni of PBHA–i.e. former participant, volunteer, or director of a PBHA program–may apply to be a mentor. We hope that the mentoring group represents a wide range of ways to engage in social justice issues post-PBHA, whether as a community organizer, teacher, lawyer, academic, doctor, artist, journalist … the list goes on! We believe that social justice coalitions are strongest when we are all engaged in this work, whether our “day job” explicitly strives for social justice or not.

How can I be a great mentor?

A great mentor is…

  • able to commit time at least once a month to meeting with their mentee/attending group events.
  • interested in supporting the growth of a young(er) person who wants to strive for social justice.
  • a good listener.
  • willing to engage with the questions of how professional and personal choices can contribute to justice and equality.
  • interested in building community with other PBHA alumni and undergraduates.

Who can be a mentee?

Any participant in PBHA programs, whether a volunteer, director, or Officer, can apply to be paired with a mentor through our program. We ask that you have engaged in at least two semesters of volunteer work with PBHA before you apply for the program. If you are a senior interested in mentorship, please reach out to the Alumni & History Coordinator individually, and we will try our best to pair you with someone suitable — since the group mentoring program runs from January to December, and seeks to build community over a full year or more, seniors are unable to participate.

How can I be a great mentee?

A great mentee…

  • is able to commit to meeting at least once a month with their mentor/attending group events.
  • is interested in learning more about social justice work around Boston and Cambridge, and building community with those who do it, whether undergrads or alumni.
  • has questions about their service & social justice work, and is eager in exploring these with a mentor.

What will I talk about with my mentor/mentee?

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to explore what topics of conversation will be most conducive to understanding and supporting each other as agents of change. Some pairs decide they want to focus on career advice, while others discuss theories of change or issues of identity, among many other topics.

What will the group talk about?

Each fall, the new group of mentoring pairs meets as a group for a kick-off event that sets expectations and builds relationships across the group. Throughout the year as we reconvene, we will reflect on our growth, challenges and successes in both small break-out groups and as a large group, supporting each other and sharing experience and wisdom.

What if I don’t live in the Boston area?

While you may not be able to participate in our in-person mentoring group, we invite all interested alumni to sign up for our mentoring database and indicate your level of availability. For instance, you might be available to speak on the phone about a student interested in your line of work, or wish to email with a current director of a program you once directed.

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

Interested? Fill out this form!
Priority Deadline: 10/4
Final Deadline: 10/10
Please contact Amanda Mozea ( or Jalem Towler ( with any questions.