PBHA’s Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program: Postgraduate Fellowship

Want to continue making a difference after graduation?

Rina Padua '17 (second from right) receiving a Chan Stride Postgraduate Fellowship in 2017

Recipients of the 2019 Chan Stride Postgraduate Fellowships.

Established in 1983, Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program (formerly known as Stride Rite) supports students of diverse economic and social backgrounds as they become leaders in their communities, both as undergraduates and beyond. To do this, the program provides reflection and skill development opportunities, mentorship, and financial assistance.

For those students who are seeking to engage in an entrepreneurial, high impact service project following graduation, Stride established a post-graduate service fellowship. This fellowship is awarded each year to support entrepreneurial projects that reflect a continued commitment to social justice on behalf of the graduating senior. Many of these fellowships have been instrumental in the establishment of high impact non-profit organizations that are gaining national and international recognition. Some of these include Strong Women, Strong Girls, The Boston Worker’s Alliance, Peace First, and On the Rise.


PBHA’s Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program Postgraduate Fellowships are intended for Harvard seniors who were devoted to service as undergraduates, and who demonstrate a future lifetime commitment to service. The spirit of the award is to provide fellows with the opportunity to put their vision for social change into action. Each fellow is awarded up to $35,000.

The grant money from the Phillips Brooks House Association is intended to support the fellow’s living expenses as they work on a public interest project full-time in the year following graduation.

The committee generally favors projects with the following characteristics:
– Entrepreneurial
– Community based
– Within the U.S. (ideally in a community with which the applicant has worked in the past)
– Builds on undergraduate service experience
– Potential for ongoing impact

The committee generally favors applicants with the following characteristics:
– Participated in year-round public service during their undergraduate career
– Built long-term relationships with one or more communities
– Plan to work in a human services profession long-term
– Passionate, energetic, effective leaders

Want to continue making a difference after graduation? Have an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to turn your public service experiences into a year-long project proposal? Come find out more at an upcoming info session about a way to make it happen through the Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program Postgraduate Fellowship.

We will discuss fellowship criteria, individual questions, and coaching at information sessions in the Spring semester. **All eventual applicants must attend a session to be eligible. **

– January 19th from 6-7 on zoom: https://harvard.zoom.us/j/91318763506pwd=
– February 2 from 6-7 on zoom: https://harvard.zoom.us/j/91318763506?pwd=R0VGcFFlSm05RW53Q1Z0ZmFXTnFaQT09

APPLICATION: click here to download the application 

Letter of Intent submitted online – Due date March 4, 5:00PM
– Brief Project descriptions
– References info
– References will be contacted after you submit their info with the LOI:
– One letter: comment on relevant public service work and attest to commitment and experience
                  –  One letter from undergraduate house affiliation or Harvard faculty member
                  – Optional: second public service recommendation.  (suggested: one from a community member)

Click here to begin the Letter of Intent form that is required to start the application process and notify two references

Application in full: due March 23, 5:00PM
You will receive a unique link via email to upload the following documents once you complete the Letter of Intent form above

Download Full Application document to complete each section and submit

Submitted Completed Application Online:
– Project Proposal
– Personal Statement
– Community Partner Sponsorship Letter
– Budget
– Resume
– Public Service & Extracurricular Activities summary 
– Current College Transcript (unofficial or official)
– Other Attachments (if desired)