Work at SUP: Director

Ready for the hardest summer you'll ever love?

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Job Description

Directors of the Summer Urban Program begin their project as volunteers when they are hired in January and spend the spring semester preparing for the summer and being trained in a myriad of skill areas to run a summer camp. They fundraise, write and implement a budget, recruit and hire their staff of senior and junior counselors, and prepare for licensing. They attend training for two hours every Friday afternoon throughout the spring, as well as weekly meetings with PBHA’s Senior Development Coordinator and a PBHA professional program staff member to learn about the camp and community and their responsibilities. Directors recruit campers in the neighborhood, confirm their site, and establish a relationship with the site supervisor and community members.

In the summer, the Director ensures that their camp is licensed. Directors supervise their staff, oversee all curriculum, and work with Junior Counselors who are teenagers hired from the particular community in which the program is located. SUP staff lives in housing provided by Harvard. Directors keep in close contact with parents and community members as well as organize and lead the staff on a variety of retreats and trainings throughout the summer. Further, Directors are an integral part of running the camp and are expected to lead the team to ensure that the program runs as smoothly as possible. They act as disciplinarians as needed. Directors are encouraged to limit outside commitments as community involvement and program preparation may extend beyond designated camp hours. A significant number of outside hours for training, staff meetings and independent preparation are expected.

In two programs, MHSP and CHAD, Directors have the opportunity to live on ­site, thus allowing them to become immersed in the community in which they work. All other Directors are provided housing by Harvard ($100 fee required). All Directors are required to live in camp ­sponsored housing. Directors will receive a stipend of $5,500 to offset educational and living expenses. Students on Harvard financial will have their summer earnings contribution forgiven thanks to the Priscilla Chan Summer Service Award. 

All Directors are expected to work for 1.5 director administration weeks at the beginning and end of the summer, two weeks of staff training, and seven weeks of camp. You must commit to being on campus from June 5th to August 19th.

“‘The hardest summer you will ever love’ says it best.  Really, directorship is a way to affect a large amount of youth and really make a difference in the community.  Being a director offers extremely valuable hands-on experience in the non-profit and business world and gives you a chance to become part of the community.” – Director, Cambridge Youth Enrichment Program

Responsibilities include:

I. Training

Directors participate in a mandatory training and retreats from January through June.  They also are responsible for designing the community portion (every other day) of the two week pre-camp training for their staff, as well as a mid-summer retreat and continuous summer training as needed.

II. Community and Camper/Camper Family Relations

Identify community resources and needs; secure site and maintain positive relationship with site supervisor; recruit children and facilitate relationship between camper families and senior counselors; and ensure continuity between summer program and term-time programs in same community.

III. Fundraising

Develop a budget and fundraising strategy to meet income projections through a diversified plan that includes Harvard grants and funding from corporations and foundations, individuals, PBHA central fundraising, and special events. Prepare and submit final report upon completion of the program.

IV. Finances

Write, implement, and monitor budget to include both income and expenses, and in-kind donations, with assistance from the PBHA Treasurer and Finance Office.

V. Staff Recruitment, Training, and Supervision

Recruit, interview, and hire senior counselors and junior counselors; meet weekly with staff during summer to review camp operations and plan for upcoming week. Support staff and promote camp unity. Ensure camp has certified drivers and lifeguards; participate in replacing directors for the following year.

VI. Safety and Daily Operations

Ensure camp meets all licensing requirements, including obtaining all health and immunization records, abiding by all PBHA policies, and consulting with PBHA professional staff as required. Live with camp staff and be accessible to program as needed.

VII. Program and Curriculum Development

Develop curriculum guidelines that meet camper needs; ensure quality of Senior Counselor curricula; and provide opportunities for ongoing and final assessments. Ensure math, science, reading, and ESL are integrated into planned activities. Plan and organize (or delegate the organization of) field trips that are relevant to the camp.

IV. Administration and PBHA Support

Camp administration, group decision-making, and general running of the camp such as van driving are necessary, in addition to common Summer Urban Program responsibilities, such as participation in the Mid-Summer Celebration.

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