Work at SUP: Senior Counselor

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Job Description

Each Senior Counselor at the Summer Urban Program works with groups of children ages 6-13 for seven weeks during the summer (RISE works with high school students), implementing a self­-designed curriculum. In the programs, Senior Counselors work with Junior Counselors, who are teenagers hired from the particular community in which the program is located. Senior Counselors are expected to keep in close contact with parents and community members as well as join the rest of the staff on a variety of retreats and trainings throughout the summer.

Further, Senior Counselors are an integral part of camp operations and are expected to work as part of a team to ensure that the program runs as well as possible. Senior Counselors are encouraged to limit outside commitments, as community involvement and program preparation may extend beyond designated camp hours. A significant number of outside training, staff meetings, and independent preparation are expected.

SUP is planning to operate fully in person programming. Senior staff will be provided with housing at Harvard for a $100 fee.  All Senior Counselors will receive a fellowship of $4,700 to offset educational and living expenses. 

All Senior Counselors are expected to work for three weeks of staff training and six weeks of camp. You must commit to being available full-time from June 13th to August 12th. You may not accept any additional employment offers or take courses during the SUP season.  Senior Counselors may not accept funding from any additional program (exception: OCS funding specifically for SUP,  Chan Stride Funding for SUP, Harvard Club funding specifically for SUP). Senior Counselors cannot accept two sources of funding for the position. 

Applications are open! APPLY HERE

“Being an SC is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had…I can tell that my work has made an actual impact on the children’s individual lives.  Each one has grown in some way – some big, some smaller – and I know that much of that improvement can be attributed to what I have done at camp this summer.” – Senior Counselor, Mission Hill Summer Program

Responsibilities Include:

I. Training
Senior Counselors participate in a mandatory two­-week training prior to the beginning of camp. This training provides skills in curriculum development and classroom strategies as well as community contact strategies. Counselors are also expected to attend any trainings and retreats designed by directors throughout the summer.

II. Families
For most programs, Senior Counselors are expected to: a. Meet with families regularly to discuss their children’s progress b. Share curriculum plans with parents and ask for feedback c. When appropriate, invite parents on field trips and into the classroom.

III. Teaching
For most programs, Senior Counselors are expected to: a. Develop a curriculum that fits the needs of their particular group of children b. Discuss and share curriculum ideas with directors and other counselors c. Integrate math, science, and reading into planned activities.

IV. Administration
For most programs Senior Counselors may take part in: a. Camp administration b. Group decision­making c. General camp operational tasks such as van driving and lifeguarding.

V. Fundraising
a. Once hired, Senior Counselors will be expected to take an active role in fundraising for their program including the solicitation of at least ten donations. b. Often Senior Counselors will be asked to participate in small fundraisers with their group during the spring and summer.

Applications are open! APPLY HERE