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Job Description

Leaders! Directors run the Summer Urban Program’s (SUP) teen initiative, offering support and leadership development to SUP’s teen employees. Leaders! is unique among PBHA’s summer programs: Leaders! is only one of two programs for teens and the only program to operate across all of the SUP sites in Cambridge and Boston. Each Leaders! Director (LD) supports teen employees, called Junior Counselors, at two SUP camps, working closely with the directors of those camps. Additionally, each Leaders! Director works with four other LDs to plan and run SUP-wide events and activities for Junior Counselors. Leaders! Directors are the primary advocates for teen empowerment in SUP.  

Many of the expectations for the Leaders! Director position are the same as those for camp directors. All SUP Directors begin their project as volunteers when they are hired in January and spend the spring semester preparing for the summer and being trained in a myriad of skill areas. They attend training for two hours every Friday afternoon throughout the spring, as well as weekly meetings with PBHA’s Senior Development Coordinator and a PBHA professional program staff member to learn about the program and their responsibilities. During the spring, Leaders! Directors attend additional Leaders!-specific trainings and should be able to devote 10-15 hours a week to Leaders! work and meetings. Over the summer, directors work full-time and live in housing provided by Harvard for a $60 fee. Leaders! Directors will be paid a salary of $4800. Directors are encouraged to limit outside commitments as community involvement and program preparation extend beyond designated camp hours. While a stipend is paid to all staff, a significant number of outside hours for training, staff meetings and independent preparation are expected. Students on Harvard financial will have their summer earnings contribution forgiven thanks to the Priscilla Chan Summer Service Award. 

If you are excited about working with teens and are passionate about social justice and youth power, Leaders! is the program is for you. If interested in applying, please read more about the Leaders! Program.


I. Social Justice Focus

View young people as agents of change within their communities and operate within an anti-oppression, social justice framework. Workshop and training topics in recent years have included gentrification, systems of oppression, community and political organizing, and “Art as a Means for Social Justice.”

II. Youth Development and Leadership Stewardship

Build knowledge of youth development and youth leadership principles over the spring and become go-to people for questions about working with teens. Promote these youth power principles in classrooms, in camps, and across all of SUP.  Support Junior Counselors’ leadership in working on SUP’s biggest event – the MidSummer Celebration.  Plan and support Junior Counselor leadership tracks, including the Senior Counselor in Training and Camp Rep roles. Operate as advocates, keeping the goals of youth development and youth leadership in SUP’s collective consciousness at all times.

III. Junior Counselor Support  

Create Individualized Support Plans with each Junior Counselor (LDs typically support between 15 and 25 teens). Conduct one-on-one meetings with Junior Counselors (JCs) throughout the summer to work on their personal goals and connect JCs with resources. Offer classroom observations for JCs, coaching them on job performance and lesson planning. Support Junior Counselors in conflict mediation as necessary. Collaborate with camp directors to develop accountability and support structures for JCs. Know Junior Counselor payroll information and support the JC payroll process.

IV. Training

Participate in mandatory director training and retreats from January through June, including additional trainings focusing on the Leaders! Directors’ unique role in SUP.  Run training for other SUP directors about the Leaders! Program. Plan and run SUP-wide JC training at the beginning of the summer. Work with two assigned camps to develop camp-specific trainings for Junior Counselors and Senior Counselors on co-teaching and other topics. Provide further training for JCs throughout summer as needed. Plan and run the culminating event of the Leaders! Program – Leaders! Week: a week at the end of the summer of professional and personal development for JCs, including various workshops, college trips, and reflections.

V. Administration of SUP-Wide Activities

Supervise the planning of three major SUP-wide events (mentioned above): JC training, Midsummer Celebration, and Leaders! Week. Connect with community partners in preparing for these events. Support the SUP-wide administration of JC payroll by: planning JC orientation in the spring which starts the process of getting JCs on payroll; supporting camps in meeting JC payroll requirements; and managing some of the requirements for external payroll partners. As part of the SUP management team, participate in the weekly management meetings over the summer. Administer SUP-wide JC evaluations and surveys and maintain program documentation. Work with the Leaders! term-time program to ensure summer to school year continuity.

VI. Work on Camp Sites

Starting in the spring, meet weekly with camp directors of two assigned camps as part of the leadership team. Work with directors in planning camp-specific support for JCs and participate in the JC hiring process. Over the summer, spend most of the week on site with two assigned camps. Design summer workshops for JCs in the spring and conduct weekly workshops on site over the summer. On-site work at camps also includes one-on-one meetings with JCs, classroom observations, staff meetings, and participating in other camp activities, such as field trips, camping trips, and staff reflections, as appropriate to support Junior Counselors.

VII. Finances

Develop a budget and fundraising strategy to meet income projections through a diversified plan that includes Harvard grants and funding from corporations and foundations, individuals, PBHA central fundraising, and special events. Write, implement, and monitor budget to include both income and expenses, and in-kind donations, with assistance from the PBHA Treasurer and Finance Office. Prepare and submit final report upon completion of the program.

Applications are open! APPLY HERE

Select “Leaders!” on the SUP Director Application