Cambridge Afterschool

PBHA's Cambridge Afterschool program provides affordable and accessible academic afterschool programming for low-income Cambridge youth.

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To volunteer with Cambridge Afterschool, apply here.

To enroll your child in Cambridge Afterschool, email Claire Lindquist at

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Matias Ramos


Fall 2021

Status: Active

PBHA’s Cambridge Afterschool Program (CASP) strives to close the gap in education in an underprivileged community through after school tutoring.

PBHA’s Cambridge Afterschool Program (CASP) provides affordable and accessible afterschool programming for low-income Cambridge youth and works primarily with immigrant families. Serving approximately 30 students ages 6-14, CASP is the second largest PBHA afterschool program, and the only one located in Cambridge.

CASP offers academic programming in a combination of homework help and supplementary activities. In addition to daily homework help and practice with fundamental reading and math skills, students at CASP engage in workshops designed to complement academic curriculum. Workshops range from building model rockets and drums to using probability to create March Madness brackets.

CASP operates at Fresh Pond Apartments in Alewife, a 10 minute drive from Harvard Yard. The program runs Monday-Thursday from 3:30-5:30 PM.

For Families

If you wish to enroll your child in CASP, please contact Claire Lindquist, the Resident Services Coordinator, at A parent meeting will be held for interested families in the fall.

For Volunteers

Most CASP volunteers attend program one afternoon a week and also have the opportunity to come on field trips on Saturdays, where they can interact with the students and other volunteers in a non-academic setting. Some favorites have included apple picking, ice skating, and visiting the Harvard Art Museums.

CASP works hard to foster a close community among tutors, with post-program dinners and other social events that enable volunteers from different program days to get to know each other.

Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

How much of a time commitment is CASP?

Most volunteers attend program one afternoon a week from 3PM-6PM. However, a handful of volunteers attend twice per week. Either level of participation is encouraged! Volunteers are asked to commit to tutoring for an entire semester. In order for the program to run effectively, you are responsible for finding a replacement if you are ever unable to make your assigned day due to a conflict.

Will I be assigned with a specific student to tutor?

If you are working with younger students (5-10 years old), we try to create tutor pairings as close to one-on-one as possible, and the student(s) you are assigned will remain the same throughout the semester. With our older students (11-14 years old), you can work with whoever needs the most help that week.

What makes CASP different from other PBHA afterschool programs?

Our medium size makes it very easy to get to know other volunteers, and we pride ourselves on the community we create among tutors. Additionally, our location is key. Working right in Cambridge not only means less time spent in the van, but also helps students develop a deeper connection to the community.

What is the address of Fresh Pond Apartments? How do we get there?

364 Rindge Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Volunteers meet in the Science Center Parking Lot (behind Littauer) at 3PM and take a PBHA van to program and back, returning by 6PM. It is also possible to take the MBTA to Alewife.

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