Franklin Afterschool Enrichment (FASE)

PBHA's Franklin Afterschool Enrichment offers one-on-one afterschool tutoring to grade school students in Dorchester's Franklin Field and Franklin Hill housing developments. FASE runs from 4-5:30PM.

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Laurie Chroney


Fall 2021

Status: Active

This semester, we will be running online programming four days a week to provide the same high-quality programming that we typically do in person. Our programming will consist of daily opportunities for volunteers to connect with youth through facilitating check-ins, partaking in various discussions about current news and movements, and offering one-on-one homework help throughout the week. We hope to engage everyone within FASE in online field trips and opportunities to explore the sciences, the arts, and beyond through kits that we will be sharing with our youth, and more importantly, a chance to develop personal connections with one another as they navigate their interests and their time in our program.

PBHA’s Franklin Afterschool Enrichment (FASE) is a one-on-one tutoring program serving grade school children in the Franklin Field and Franklin Hill public housing developments and surrounding areas of Dorchester. The program strives to reinforce academic skills through individual tutoring and group activities, and to bring together a diverse group of children and counselors to increase tolerance and ease tensions between Franklin Hill and Franklin Field. Serving approximately 20 children four afternoons a week, FASE is an intimate program that provides a valuable resource for Franklin families.

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