Junior Leaders in Communities (JLinC)

Know a rising 9th grader who wants to be a leader in their community?

Student Director Contact Information:

Jahzelle Bogus and Avery Robinson III



Staff Contact Information:

Thalia Ramirez


Due to Covid-19, JLinC will be operating a hybrid model in Summer 2021, as outlined HERE.

The Phillips Brooks House Association’s (PBHA) Junior Leaders in Communities (JLinC) program is a part of the Summer Urban Program (SUP) network of 11 summer programs that serve Boston and Cambridge Area youth and families. JLinC’s mission is to offer quality programming and professional development to rising ninth graders who aspire to serve as leaders in their communities.

JLinC aims to address participants’ developmental needs in the following ways:

  • Academics: Support participants’ individualized learning goals to stem summer learning loss and encourage intellectual exploration as part of SUP’s mission.
  • Social: Create a supportive social space for youth of the same age to engage in healthy friendships and professional relationships.
  • Personal: Facilitate activities that build confidence and encourage students to craft goals for their future aspirations.
  • Professional: Provide high school readiness workshops and career exposure for future-focused visioning and skill development.
  • Community: Fostering community engagement as well as a group and individual identity. 

JLinC brings together rising ninth graders from neighborhoods across Boston and Cambridge to gain valuable work experience, build positive social connections, and cultivate a safe and inclusive environment that promotes social justice through youth leadership through community engagement. After participating in JLinC, we hope that youth continue their leadership in SUP by applying to become a Junior Counselor (JC) the following summer. In the summer of 2020, participating JLinC youth will be paid a $350 stipend.



Is JLinC happening in person in 2021?: This summer, to ensure the safety of youth, families, and staff, we are adapting JLinC and all other SUP programs to an hybrid virtual and in-person program. JLinC will officially start July 6th and run through August 13th. Apply here

JLinC 2021 Model and Weekly Schedule: 

Three days a week we will work as a group with all of the students, conducting workshops and group discussions. We will also provide activities (such as journal prompts and exercise challenges) which students will be responsible for when we are not all together. Each student will also have two weekly half-hour check-ins, one with each director, to discuss their individual interests and goals and provide support for exploring these areas. On the other two days in the week, students will work in a virtual classroom with a senior and junior counselor (college and high school student) at the programs they were previously participants at.

Over the course of the summer we will bolster JLinC participants’ leadership skills in classrooms, with the goal of preparing them to teach one to two lessons to their group by the end of the summer. Participants will have the opportunity to build social relationships with peers and gain professional skills and training to prepare them to work for SUP as Junior Counselors in the future.