Recent Immigrant Term-time Enrichment

PBHA’s Recent Immigrant Term-time Enrichment (RITE) pairs recently immigrated high school students with college-age tutors for academic, English language, and college preparation support.

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Kerry McGowan


Fall 2020

Status: Active

RITE recognizes that students may struggle with online learning in the fall, with Zoom classes limiting the amount of individualized help a student can obtain. As such, RITE hopes to pair students with Harvard volunteers so that every week, they can receive the one-on-one help that they may not be getting in school. RITE hopes to foster gradual improvement and a consistent environment for students during this tumultuous time by having students meet weekly with the same volunteer at a time that’s convenient for the student. In doing so, tutors will become more familiar with tutees and be better equipped to guide their progress and learning plans.

PBHA’s Recent Immigrant Term-time Enrichment (RITE) pairs recently immigrated high school students with college-age tutors for weekly homework help, English as a Second Language (ESL) practice, and standardized test preparation (MCAS, SAT, and TOEFL), as well as guidance and mentorship throughout the college application process. Through one-on-one tutoring, students are prepared to succeed academically and professionally alongside their peers.

RITE works with young people ages 15 to 21 who are enrolled in Boston area high schools. Participants meet each week on Saturday mornings (10-12) in the Harvard Science Center.

If students are unable to meet at these times we will do our best to arrange for a tutor to mentor them at a mutually convenient time.

Volunteer with RITE

As a RITE volunteer, you will have the opportunity to (1) build relationships with and mentor recent immigrant and refugee high school students, both at Harvard and in communities in the Boston area; (2) actively engage in the broader development of the program; and (3) help build a community of tutors and mentors who care about recent immigrant/refugee issues!

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