5 Reasons To Show #HUDSLove

Students Advocating for Harvard Dining Staff

1. We are all #OneHarvard. Beyond just students and professors, the Harvard community also comprises the janitors, security guards, dining hall staff, and many other workers who keep this school running.

2. Many workers, including HUDS staff, do not get to work (and therefore don’t get paid) over the summer. Despite promises in previous contract negotiations to find them more work, workers are facing even more cuts to their already limited hours. No member of our community should be working a job that cannot sustain their family.

3. The proposed changes to healthcare coverage would disproportionately impact families who use their healthcare for chronic conditions. Harvard is unfairly and unsustainably punishing people for illnesses they cannot control.

4. Affordable healthcare is a right.  Families should not have to weigh the costs of food or heat against the costs of their treatment.

5. We are all at risk when any member of our community falls ill, and it is not safe or fair to force people to continue to work without having access to treatment.

For more information, visit oneharvardcampaign.org

You can also attend their next rally this coming Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/events/490226167851184