PBHA: The Best Course at Harvard

Photo courtesy of NBC News

Chimaobi Amutah ’07 beat the worst of odds and made it to Harvard. But instead of chasing financial success, he forged a path to rural Mississippi to make a difference in the lives of students who were a lot like him. At PBHA, Chimaobi served as a Trip Leader for Alternative Spring Break (Mississippi) and played a critical role in the Mission Hill Summer Urban Program as both a Director and Senior Counselor. In addition to his service work, he served as the Off-campus Outreach Officer for PBHA.

Chimaobi writes:

“PBHA’s impact on my personal development and growth was immense. It was as a freshman through PBHA programs that I: a) realized that public education was an issue bigger than any one district; b) knew that I wanted to teach and do community work, and c) fell in love with Mississippi. My experience gained in PBHA has permanently and positively influenced my life decisions and career aspirations. PBHA is truly “the best course at Harvard.”

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