Join the Alumni Network

Welcome to the PBHA Alumni Association!

The PBHA Alumni Association (PBHA-A) has four main goals: to foster relations amongst the alumni and alumnae of PBHA, to support the ongoing work of PBHA programs, to facilitate ongoing opportunities for continued public service, and to promote the interests of PBHA at Harvard and beyond.

Am I in PBHA-A?

You’re in the association if you were ever involved in a PBHA program! You don’t have to “do” anything to become a member, though you can sign up for our mailing list to receive newsletters and email updates about events in your area. All PBHA alumni are a part of PBHA, whether they graduated from Harvard or not.

What does it mean to be in PBHA-A? What do I get?

You’re part of a network of alumni committed to service, who can support you as you question and pursue a life of social justice. We offer opportunities for connection and ways to get involved as an alum that are couched in your current life experience. Members of the alumni association might connect with one another to support service in a new city, or share advice with a current student who is interested in their career field.

How do I get even more involved?

You can attend Alumni Weekend, which brings together generations of PBHAers in Cambridge every fall, or any of the local events put on by your regional group. You can also reach out to your PBHA-A Officers (listed below) about supporting the alumni association with events, projects, undergraduate connections, or fundraising.

Who leads PBHA-A?

PBHA-A is led by an elected board of officers. which includes three presidents and nine directors. The current officers are:

President:  Alan Curtis ’65
President-Elect: Angel Razon ’08
Immediate Past-President: Amy Schneider ’74

Directors At-Large: Lisa Ulrich ’84, Ayanna Johnson ’93, JN Fang ’16, Kristy Luk ’12, Dustin Saldarriaga ’06, Sabrina Forte ’08, Saim Raza ’19, David Tang Quan ’14, Chris Lewis ’01, Veronica Cordova ’20, Tajrean Rahman ’20, Theodore Longlois ’16, Richard Cohen ’84

I want to make a donation through Harvard to PBHA, how do I do that? 

If you wish to make a gift to PBHA through Harvard, the fund that supports PBHA (the student-led organization founded in 1904) is called the “General Support of the Phillips Brooks House Association Fund” (account number is 330584). Both are class credit eligible.